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Smooth, distinctive and incredibly food-friendly, both Japanese Shochu and Korean Shochu are typically distilled from sweet potatoes, rice, barley or soba (buckwheat). We offer excellent shochu brands such as Satoh Shochu, Toyonaga Shochu and Yama No Mori Shochu which can be served over ice, warmed, or used as a cocktail base.

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Mizu "Mizunomai" Shochu (750ml) Toyonaga Shochu (750ml) Yama No Mori "Mountain Guardian" Shochu (750ml)
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Mizu Mizunomai Shochu Toyonaga Shochu Yama No Mori Mountain Guardian Shochu

The Mizu Shochu is distilled from barley and koji rice. The nose is reminiscent of cantaloupe, cut grass, hints of banana and raisins. The palate starts of with smooth buttery texture, fresh grains and a sweet mellow middle with subtle notes of caramel custard, grassy undertones and lingering vanilla on the finish.

This classic rice shochu is smooth and sippable with subtle fruit and floral flavors that the producer likens to a Speyside single malt. This delicious spirit can be enjoyed warmed, at room temperature, on ice, or at a 70/30 ratio with water. Made only from premium Yamada Nishiki rice, this is a must try for any sake enthusiast.

Mountain Guardian is distilled from 67% barley and 33% Koji rice, and makes an excellent introduction to Shochu. Clean, smooth, and subtly flavorful, the barley component announces itself on the finish with a note reminiscent of warm buttered bread. While delicious on the rocks, it also makes a great cocktail base.