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Carl Loewen "Detzemer" Riesling Spatlese Feinherb 2006 (Mosel-Saar-Ruwer, Germany) Fritz Windisch Heimerscheimer Rotenfels Dornfelder 2011 (Rheinhessen, Germany) Gunderloch Estate Dry Riesling 2010 (Rheinhessen, Germany)
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Carl Loewen Detzemer Riesling Spatlese Feinherb Fritz Windisch Heimerscheimer Rotenfels Dornfelder Gunderloch Estate Dry Riesling

Carl Loewen is renowned for producing excellent wines for astoundingly good prices. They are made in a chalky, mineral-rich style, similar to Blanc de Blancs Champagne. Loewen also places a high emphasis on freshness of fruit, rather than "old-wine" flavor with petrol notes. This wine is blended with 2% Muller-Thurgau to achieve greater balance.

This off-dry red is a flat-out delicious crowd pleaser. The palate is pleasantly sweet yet balanced with bright acidity, displaying rich flavors of plum, blueberry, blackberry and rose petal. A great choice for summer evening meals or sipping on the porch.

A spectacular value, Gunderloch Estate Dry Riesling is a shining example of what a dry German Riesling should be. The nose offers inviting aromas of citrus fruit, herbs and smoked nuts, while the palate presents vibrant notes of green apple, lemon and earth, backed by bold, smoky mineral notes that extend through the finish.

Josef Leitz "Eins Zwei Dry" Riesling Trocken 2011 (Rheingau, Germany) Nein Lives Riesling 2013 (Mosel, Germany) Peter Jakob Kuhn "Jacobus" Riesling Trocken 2011 (Rheingau, Germany)
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Josef Leitz Eins Zwei Dry Riesling Trocken Nein Lives Riesling (Mosel, Germany) Peter Jakob Kuhn "Jacobus" Riesling Trocken

While indeed dry, this white still has abundant fruit highlighted by a subtle mineral note. Ripe aromas and flavors of peach, pear, apple and a hint of rose petal make this an excellent companion to pork loin, roasted chicken, and a wide array of seafood.

Nein Lives Riesling grapes are sourced from the Middle Mosel along the banks of the Mosel River in the town of Piesporter. The Middle Mosel is considered the best source of diversity, complexity, and quality grapes within the Mosel Valley. There is no top soil here. Broken shale and schist cover the vineyards and impart the clean, complex mineral quality that has come to distinguish Mosel Rieslings. Nein Lives is an off-dry riesling. On the palate it is slightly creamy, delicately mineral wine with a sweet-sour candy tang. Fragrant apricot fruit is nearly balanced with a tart green-grape sourness.

Peter Jakob Kühn has established himself as one of the most serious producers in the Rheingau. With the use of wild yeasts, low sulfur, and malolactic fermentation, he put this wine on a different trajectory. Subtle golden yellow in color, Peter Jakob Kuhn "Jacobus" Riesling Trocken boasts alluring aromas of peach, honeysuckle and butterscotch, brightly acidic palate displays nectarine, melon, and honey flavors accentuated by an almost crystalline sense of mineral impingement along with mouth-watering savory salinity and undertones of toasted grain lend the finish both complexity and next-sip compulsion.
Reuscher-Haart Piesporter Riesling 2012 (Mosel, Germany) (1L) Schloss Walhausen "Two Princes" Riesling 2009 (Nahe, Germany) Selbach "Incline" Riesling 2013 (Mosel, Germany)
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Reuscher Haart Piesporter Riesling Schloss Walhausen Two Princes Riesling Selbach Incline Riesling

Vinified from Treppchen and Falkenberg fruit, Reuscher-Haart Piesporter Riesling is a liter-sized bottle of deliciousness. With fabulous structure and abundant, exuberant flavors of white fruit, citrus and tropical fruit, you'll want to invite this off-dry wine to all your parties.

The subtle sweetness and fruity characteristics of Two Princes Riesling is balanced by both vibrant acidity and pleasant minerality that allows for easy pairing with a wide range of foods; it is particularly well-suited for seafood, but also pleasant alone.

Selbach "Incline" Riesling was created by Johannes Selbach, the winemaker and director for the Selbach-Oster Estate, a top German producer in the Mosel region. An excellent value, this is a delicious off-dry riesling with bright floral and citrus aromas that lead to notes of honey, green apple and lemon on the crisp, refreshing palate.
Selbach-Oster "Rotlay" Zeltinger Sonnenuhr Riesling 2009 (Mosel, Germany) (375ml)
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Selbach-Oster Rotlay Zeltinger Sonnenuhr Riesling

The Zeltinger Sonnenuhr Rotlay is a medium bodied Riesling with a creamy texture and intense aromas and flavors. Vanilla, honey, apple and pear are complemented by subtle notes of smoke and roasted nuts. The long, delicate finish is slightly sweet and contains just a hint of chocolate.