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El Massaya Arak (750ml) Gantous & Abou Raad Arak (750ml) La Muse Verte Le Pastis d'Autrefois (750ml)
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El Massaya Arak Gantous and Abou Raad Arak La Muse Verte Le Pastis dAutrefois

El Massaya Arak is an exceptional Lebanese spirit, produced with the finest ingredients using traditional, labor-intensive methods. Indigenous Obeidi grapes are fermented for about two weeks, then double distilled in traditional Moorish lid copper stills over vinewood embers. On the third distillation, the spirit is macerated with organic green aniseed from the Syrian slopes of Mount Hermon, which imparts a distinctive aroma and flavor. Finally, the spirit is aged in traditional clay amphorae for two years, lending a subtle color and a notable maturity.

Similar to ouzo and pastis, arak is an anis-flavored, traditional libation in Lebanon and other Middle Eastern counties. Great as an aperitif or accompaniment to regional cuisine, this refreshingly unsweetened spirit is a particular treat in warm weather. Gantous & Abou Raad Arak is made with just three ingredients: grape spirit, aniseeds, and water. Therefore, the flavor and aroma is distinctively clean and bright.

La Muse Verte Le Pastis d'Autrefois--"the pastis of an earlier time"--is an artisinal product made with over ten botanicals that has found a place in many of France's finest restaurants. Made with only natural ingredients, this delicate spirit is best enjoyed with chilled spring water. As it is well-crafted and complex, consider the sugar cube optional.
Razzouk Arak (750ml)
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750 milliliter bottle of Razzouk Arak Lebanese spirit

Hailing from Lebanon, Razzouk Arak is created with special varieties of sweet mountain grapes which are crushed and fermented, then distilled over a low fire. Natural aniseed is then added and the mixture is distilled once more to impart the bold, herbal profile which makes Arak so distinctive. The spirit is then poured into earthenware jars to age and mellow for at least six months. Thanks to the natural oils from the anise, a traditional serve of one part arak to two parts water will yield a lovely clouding effect.