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Absinthe had been banned in the United States for nearly a century, but it's revival in 2007 inspired a few talented distillers to create stunning expressions of the spirit. Although the demand is high for imported absinthe, United States producers such as Pacific, St. George and Philadelphia Distilling have released incredible US absinthe brands that are just as interesting and complex as their European counterparts. We carry some of the best American absinthe on the market, so place your order today!

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Corsair Red Absinthe Superieure (750ml) Golden Moon Distillery "Redux" Absinthe Superieure (750ml) Greenway Distillers "Germain-Robin" Absinthe Superieure (375ml)
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Corsair Red Absinthe Superieure Golden Moon Distillery "Redux" Absinthe Superieure Germain-Robin Absinthe

Corsair Red Absinthe is a unique interpretation of the spirit, combining a traditional absinthe recipe with unconventional ingredients like citrus, tarragon and red Hibiscus flowers. When water is added, Corsair Red develops a lovely pink-hued pearlescent louche and offers pronounced floral aromas backed by anise, fennel, citrus and spice. The Hibiscus flowers are very apparent on the palate, lending bittersweet floral notes which are complemented by tangy citrus fruit, grassy herbal notes and a delicate spiciness. Although certainly not a traditional absinthe, Corsair Red is a distinctive expression that will also add a unique element to both classic and modern cocktails.

The Golden Moon Distillery "Redux" Absinthe Superieure is made with the finest herbs and spices from around the world offering compelling complexity. It is deep yellowish green in color and the slow-forming louche is opaque and opalescent. Crisp, clean aromas of alpine herbs, fennel, aniseed and spice introduce a rounded, savory, buttery palate with a refreshing and lasting finish.

Germain-Robin Absinthe Superieure is slightly spicy on the nose, with pronounced notes of star anise that are complemented by light notes of citrus and honey. Light and smooth on the palate, a subtle sweetness gives way to a refreshing cooling sensation, especially noticeable on the finish. Unique and complex, this remarkable absinthe is definitely an interesting experience!
Letherbee Distillers "Charred Oak" Absinthe Brun (375ml) Philadelphia Distilling "Vieux Carre" Absinthe Superieure (750ml) St. George Absinthe Verte (750ml)
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Letherbee Distillers "Charred Oak" Absinthe Brun Philadelphia Distilling Vieux Carre Absinthe Superieure St George Absinthe Verte

A very rare barrel-aged Absinthe, the Letherbee is aged for six months in new charred-oak barrels. The base grain neutral spirit was re-distilled with grand wormwood and a variety of aromatic herbs and spices. The blanche absinthe draws its caramel hue from a six-month stint in the barrel. Besides the color, the full-sized barrels also imbue the Absinthe Brun with toasty hints of vanilla and caramel. The aging process softened the anise notes to let sumptuous floral and spice layers to resonate. The complex herbal aroma lingers on the palate long after the last sip.

Gold Medal - San Francisco World Spirits Competition, 2009
Vieux Carre is batch-distilled using a double maceration process. Using a range of natural botanicals--including Grande Wormwood, Petite Wormwood, green anise, star anise, Fennel Doux Provence, melissa, genepi, hyssop, coriander, lemon balm, and spearmint--Vieux Carre's mossy hue is both lovely and completely natural. This is an intriguingly complex spirit with a rich, opalescent louche; varying proportions of water to absinthe will result in subtle changes in the aroma and flavor profiles. As Vieux Carre is made with real herbs, some sedimentation is normal; this is a sign of a well-made absinthe. Note: glass and spoon not included.

Made with only the highest quality natural components, this is a striking expression of absinthe: though the anise and wormwood are at the forefront, the nose and palate reveal a delicate complexity lent by meadowsweet, lemon balm, hyssop, fennel, tarragon, and stinging nettles.