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Buy Absinthe Spoons & Absinthe Drippers at DrinkUpNY!

Our high quality absinthe accessories feature intricate absinthe spoons as well as an elegant absinthe brouilleur, so place your order today to celebrate the beauty and history of the absinthe ritual!

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Absinthe Clip-on Grille #38 Absinthe Clip-on Grille #38

This unique round grille is made to clip on to the side of your absinthe glass to hold your sugar cube when preparing an absinthe. The piece will work on virtually any glass and can be adjusted to fit even the thinnest of glasses. The Swiss Cross is featured in the middle of the grille.

Regular Price: $12.99
Our Price: $11.00
Sale Price: $9.99
Absinthe Spoon Eiffel Tower Absinthe Spoon: "Eiffel Tower"

The Eiffel Tower absinthe spoon is a replica of the "Tour d'Eiffel" style created to commemorate the inauguration of this famous Parisian landmark in 1889. It measures 6 1/2" long and is made of chrome plated brass.

Regular Price: $13.99
Our Price: $13.00
Sale Price: $11.99
Absinthe Spoon 12 Flower Absinthe Spoon: "Flower"

One of our most ornate and popular spoons, this faithful reproduction is considered to be one of the most collectable of all antique absinthe spoons. This flower absinthe spoon features a large flat surface allowing it to accommodate large absinthe glasses.

Regular Price: $14.99
Our Price: $12.00
Sale Price: $10.99
Absinthe Spoon La Fee Special Edition Absinthe Spoon: La Fee Special Edition

This spoon features La Fee's ornate, antique-styled absinthe eye logo. While particularly suited for preparing La Fee, it's attractive enough to display with any bottle.

Regular Price: $12.99
Our Price: $11.00
Sale Price: $9.99
Absinthe Spoon Obsello with Wooden Box Absinthe Spoon: Obsello with Wooden Box

Laser cut from polished stainless steel and presented in an expertly crafted wooden box, Obsello's signature spoon is a striking example of functional art. While this makes a beautiful gift, make sure you keep one for yourself.

Regular Price: $49.99
Our Price: $44.00
Sale Price: $39.99
Absinthe Spoon: Tempus Fugit Skull Absinthe Spoon: Tempus Fugit "Skull"

An original Tempus Fugit design, this stainless steel absinthe spoon is detailed and elegant, yet delightfully sinister.

Regular Price: $21.99
Our Price: $19.00
Sale Price: $16.99
Stainless Steel Balancier Brouilleur Stainless Steel "Balancier" Brouillier

This stainless steel accessory delicately rests upon the rim of your absinthe glass and drips cold water and sugar for the perfect louche. Also referred to as the Cusenier "Auto Verseur" or see-saw, drops falling onto the lever dispense alternately from both sides.

Regular Price: $99.99
Our Price: $80.00
Sale Price: $69.99