Tenneyson Absinthe Royale 


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Distilled in the historic Distillerie Les Fils d'Emile Pernot, located just outside Pontarlier in Eastern France, Tenneyson Absinthe Royal was formulated by David Nathan-Maister, author of The Absinthe Encyclopedia, and produced by Master Distiller Dominique Rousselet. All of the herbs, botanicals and aromatics incorporated in Tenneyson Absinthe are sourced from authentic suppliers, quality checked and hand selected prior to distillation, which takes place in century-old Egrot copper alembics. It is then bottled at 53% alcohol by volume in order to preserve the subtleties of the delicate essential oils that provide Tenneyson with its unique balance of flavors.

A Swiss style La Bleue crafted from beet neutral spirits, Tenneyson Absinthe displays a lovely pearlescent louche and offers inviting aromas of fennel and juniper backed by a rich anise note. The complex, balanced palate opens with harmonious notes of grande wormwood, sweet fennel, anise and lemon balm, which then merge with bittersweet notes of orange and juniper that linger through the finish. Marc Thuillier, one of France's most well-respected absinthe experts, has described Tenneyson as "a top product" and "a real change from a traditional blanche, in a good sense".

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