Smooth Ambler Spirits "Old Scout" 6 Year Old Straight Bourbon Whiskey 


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Established in 2009 by Tinsley Azariah Galyean, Jr. and John Little, Smooth Ambler Spirits is a state-of-the-art distillery located in the rural Greenbrier Valley of West Virginia. By combining modern technology, high quality natural resources and a hands-on distillation process, Smooth Ambler is able to produce remarkable craft spirits which are bold, complex and perfectly balanced.

Aged for six years, Smooth Ambler "Old Scout" Bourbon offers a lively nose of citrus fruit and vanilla, accented by hints of cinnamon and honey. Due to a high rye content in the mashbill, the palate opens with a bold, spicy note which leads to baked apple, vanilla and oak on the long, peppery finish.

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