Smith & Cross Pure Pot Still "Plummer & Wedderburn" Traditional Jamaica Rum 


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Smith & Cross is one of England's oldest producers of sugar and spirits. It all started in 1788 when they opened a sugar refinery by the London Docks. Over time, their sugar refineries turned into rum cellars and they became prominent members of the spirits community. This traditional rum contains only Wedderburn and Plummer pot distillates, which are famous for their notes of exotic fruit and spice. These styles were made with a combination of the molasses, skimmings, cane juice, and syrup bottoms from sugar production. A traditional Jamaican practice is to use wild yeasts in the fermentation process, which is said to impact the flavor significantly.

The Smith & Cross Rum is called "Navy Strength" because it is bottled at 57% alcohol by volume, the traditional strength required by the British Royal Navy. At this proof, if the spirits spilled while in storage, it would not prevent the stored gunpowder from igniting when eventually used. 

Jamaican rum is known for its deep, full flavors and pleasant aromas. On the palate, rich notes of exotic spice and dried fruit blend with flavors of oak and honey.

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