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Roundhouse Spirits "Imperial" Barrel Aged Gin (750ml) Roundhouse Spirits "Corretto" Coffee Liqueur (750ml)
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Roundhouse Spirits Imperial Barrel Aged Gin Roundhouse Spirits Corretto Coffee Liqueur

Inspired by the rich and malty Oude Genevers of Holland, Imperial Barrel Aged Gin is created by transferring undiluted Roundhouse Gin into new, fifteen-gallon American oak barrels with a #2 or #3 char. After at least a six month maturation, the resulting spirit displays intriguing notes of vanilla, toffee, clove, nutmeg and candied orange peel, which complement, but never overshadow the distinctive floral quality of the Roundhouse Gin.

In Italy, a "caffe corretto" is a coffee "corrected" with a shot of alcohol. Roundhouse Spirits "Corretto" Coffee Liqueur is handcrafted from organic, free-trade beans which are hand selected by blind roaster Gerry Leary of The Unseen Bean. Distiller Ted Palmer brews the coffee using a cold toddy process, blends the coffee with high quality neutral grain spirit, adds a touch of whole vanilla bean, then sweetens it with cane sugar and light molasses. Offering the rich, robust flavor of fresh-brewed coffee and the perfect balance of sweetness, "Corretto" Coffee Liqueur is a treat for the senses.