Masumi Okuden Kantsukuri "Mirror of Truth" Junmai 


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Masumi--famous since 1662 and the winner of many national competitions--is a traditional sake made by the brewery that first developed the kobo (yeast) now used in almost all sake in japan. Produced at the foot of Mt. Kirigamine in the Japan Alps region of Nagano, renowned for its pure, delicious waters and high quality rice, Masumi has a smooth, mild taste carefully developed through generations of experience.

Due to the delicate nature of this product, we highly recommend upgrading to overnight shipping if you live outside of our immediate delivery area (New York City, Long Island, Southeastern NY, CT, DE, MD, Washington DC, RI and Eastern PA); ideally, sake should be outside of refrigeration for as short a time as possible. Please contact customer service at if you have any questions concerning sake shipping.

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