Lillet Rose French Aperitif Wine (France)


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Maison Lillet's first new product in fifty years, Lillet Rose French Aperitif Wine is created from a blend of the red and white Grand Cru Bordeaux wine varietals used to produce Lillet Blanc and Lillet Rouge. This intricate combination includes Muscatel grapes for an elegant floral bouquet and Sauvignon Blanc for bright fruit characteristics, as well as Semillon, which lends structure and produces a lingering finish. The wine is then married with artisanal liqueurs crafted from sweet orange peels from Spain and bitter orange peels from Haiti, and a proprietary blend of fruit liqueurs sourced near and produced in Masion Lillet's distillery in Podensac. A small amount of Peruvian quinine is then added to the final blend. Its rose color and taste profile are achieved by adding red fruit liqueurs and a very small amount of Lillet Rouge, using a traditional Champagne blending method to ensure a consistent color throughout. The result is a bright, fruit-forward aperitif with notes of ripe berry, wildflower, melon and stone fruit, complemented by the traditional sweet and bitter citrus notes.

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