Legendre Herbsaint Liqueur d'Anis Veritas 


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Herbsaint, hailing from New Orleans, was created in 1933 by J. Marion Legendre. Since absinthe was banned in 1912, he created the product to be an absinthe substitute. Originally named Legendre Absinthe, the federal authorities insisted that the name be changed, even though the recipe did not contain wormwood. He acquiesced, and began labeling the bottles Legendre Herbsaint, which loosely translates as "holy herb".

The name Herbsaint is a play on the French pronunciation of absinthe, absente, and is also the French term for wormwood. The label on the bottle has always featured an image of the Old Absinthe House, a New Orleans watering hole favored by absinthe enthusiasts. The modern version of the liqueur even has wormwood plants on the label, yet another tribute to the absinthe culture of the past.

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