Kiuchi No Shizuku Hitachino Nest Distilled White Ale


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Established in 1823, the Kiuchi Brewery has a long history of sake production. However, in 1996 the company shifted their focus to beer and released their line of Hitachino Nest Beer, which is available in numerous styles and flavors. Kiuchi's distillery opened in 2003 and soon the company was creating fine sake, as well as distilling their beer.

Kiuchi No Shizuku, meaning "first drip from the distillation kettle", is created by distilling Hitachino Nest White Ale to an alcohol content of 30% by volume. The distillate is then matured in oak barrels with the addition of coriander, hops and orange peel for one month. More Hitachino Nest White Ale is added, and then product is distilled again to an alcohol content of 50% by volume. After this second distillation Kiuchi No Shizuku is matured in oak barrels for six months before it is filtered and bottled.

This interesting spirit is reminiscent of a Genever, with lovely malt notes, tart citrus fruit, spicy coriander and a light herbal quality. The finish is initially sweet, but dries out with notes of oak and woodsmoke.

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