Denizen Rum 


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Denizen is a blend of the finest aged rums from the famed Angostura distillery in Trinidad. The rums included in the final blend have been distilled in column stills and aged up to 7 years in small American oak barrels to impart a rich and refined flavor. Trace amount of Jamaican pot still rum has been added to give the finished product a backbone revealing both floral and fruit notes, with hints of vanilla and subtle woody tones that speak of Denizen's Caribbean roots. Charcoal filtering removes any impurities and results in a well balanced, crystal clear rum that is sure to make cocktails shine.

Bold, yet smooth, this medium-bodied rum boasts pronounced aromas of baked banana, fresh sugar cane and honey. Sweet notes of fig, star anise and clove appear on the palate and blend with pepper and honey for the finish.

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