Delord Blanche Armagnac 


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In 1893 Prosper Delord, a traveling distiller, founded the house of Delord in the village of Lannepax. The company was renamed the Armagnac Delord Brothers when Prosper's two sons, Gaston and Geoges took over the alambic stills and followed in their father's footsteps with the same passion for armagnac. Today, Gaston's sons Jacques and Pierre Delord continue the family tradition, along with the next generation, Jerome and Sylvain.

According to F. Paul Pacult, noted spirit reviewer and publisher of The Spirit Journal, Delord Blanche Armagnac is a "delicious unaged armagnac" and "the most iconic, elegant blanche d’armagnac" he has evaluated thus far. Double distilled from Colombard grapes, this crystal clear armagnac offers delicate floral aromas backed by notes of grape, pear, citrus and raw almond. The round, medium-bodied palate displays fresh, fruit-forward flavors, while a touch of warming spice adds depth and complexity to the long finish.

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