Del Maguey Crema de Mezcal


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Del Maguey Crema de Mezcal is a delicious introduction to this spectacular line of single-village spirits crafted in Oaxaca, Mexico. Following traditional production methods developed in the 16th century, the hearts of the agave are roasted over hot stones in a put in the ground for three to five days while covered in earth. They are then ground to a mash using horse-powered stone mills and naturally fermented in wooden vats, and the spirit is then created using two slow distillations in wood-fired clay or copper pot stills. The result is unlike any spirit you have experienced before. Smoky, earthy, and stunningly complex, each bottle is an experience.

Crema de Mezcal is made with only 10% agave nectar with 90% San Luis del Rio Single Village Mezcal. The result is subtly sweet with notes of vanilla, pear, almond, apple, coffee, pineapple, orange, earth, and smoke. Enjoy straight, over ice, drizzled over fruit, or mixed with fresh lime juice.

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