Del Maguey Pechuga Single Village Mezcal  


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Produced by a local family in the small town of Santa Catarina Minas, Del Maguey Pechuga (chicken breast) is expertly handcrafted in very small batches. The process begins with Minero, which is a quality mezcal that has already been double distilled. In preparation for a third distillation, 75 liters of Minero is poured into the still, and then they add about 25 pounds of wild mountain apples and plums, some pineapples and plantain bananas, a few pounds of uncooked white rice, and a handful of almonds. Next, a whole chicken breast, skin removed, bone structure intact, is washed in running water for three hours to remove any grease. It is then suspended by strings in the atmosphere of the still, and the third distillation has begun. The vapor passes over the pechuga and condenses into a crystal clear liquid that has an amazing smoothness and taste. The reason for the chicken they say, is so the mezcal is not dominated by the fruit flavors. The result of this unique process is an unbelievably complex spirit with ever-changing notes of smoke, anise, fruit, and salt. It is recommended to add an ice cube to your drink to help expose the progression of flavors.

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