Colonia Las Liebres Bonarda Clasica 2013 


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Established in 1995, Altos las Hormigas brings together the expertise of two renown Tuscan winemakers, A. Antonini and A. Pagli, with the Terroir approach of the French schooled Chilean Pedro Parra. Along with Malbec, Altos Las Hormigas has been crafting Bonarda for 10 year, Argentina’s second most planted variety. They display its joyful and delicate nature under the classic line Colonia Las Liebres.

Colonia Las Liebres Bonarda Clasica is created from grapes grown in the warmer regions of Rivadavia and East Mendoza. Dark purple in color, this wine is dense with a rustic, hearty juiciness, ripe acidity, and warm tannins. Perfect for red meat and barbeques.

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