Clear Creek Douglas Fir Eau de Vie 


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Established in 1985 by Stephen McCarthy, Clear Creek Distillery is located in Portland, Oregon and reflects the best of the natural and agricultural resources of the region. An experienced team of distillers use a traditional European pot still along with techniques learned in Alsace and Switzerland to create world class eau de vie, grappa, liqueur and more.

Inspired by an obscure Alsatian distillate called Eau de Vie de Bourgeons de Sapin, Clear Creek Douglas Fir Eau de Vie is created by infusing the springtime buds of the Douglas Fir into unaged brandy, which is then re-distilled and re-infused with more buds. It's vibrant green color, inviting pine aroma, and fresh, complex flavor are derived naturally, as no artificial colors or flavors have been added.

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