St. Lucia Distillers "Chairman's Reserve" Spiced Rum  


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Chairman's Reserve Spiced Rum is flavored with locally sourced fruits and spices including cinnamon, clove, nutmeg, vanilla, coconut, allspice, lemon and orange. Also included in the blend is Richeria Grandis, known as "Bois Bande", a flavorful bark renowned in the Caribbean as a potent aphrodisiac. These ingredients are then added to premium St. Lucia rum which has been distilled in copper alembic pot and continuous stills, and aged in Kentucky Bourbon barrels.

On the nose, this harmonious, complex rum offers intriguing aromas of bitter orange, nutmeg, cinnamon and sweet raisin. Sweet, rich notes of nutmeg, vanilla and clove appear on the palate and are balanced by a hint of crisp citrus on the finish.

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