Plozza Rosso di Valtellina 2006 


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On March 19, 1919, Pietro Plozza arrived at the Tiefencastel railway station with the intention of selling wine by the liter to hotels, shops and individuals. Over time, Plozza established successful wineries in Brusio and Tirano - two locations with ideal climactic conditions and outstanding soil. The grapes reach complete maturity on the sunny slopes of the Veltlin, in the Alps of Lombardy, bordering Switzerland. This unique terrior combined with the expertise of the staff has allowed the winery to produce elegant, high quality wines for decades.

Composed entirely of Nebbiolo, this full-bodied red displays subtly sweet aromas of wild berries and red currant. Bold, rich flavors of cranberry, raspberry and spice are backed by firm tannins and medium acidity which lead to a dry, clean finish. Pair with barbecued red meat, pork roast or spicy, marinated chicken.

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