Foss Distillers "Birkir" Birch Schnapps


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The Foss Distillery is specialized in producing alcoholic beverages using Icelandic ingredients. All their products are crafted from natural Icelandic birch, Icelandic water and high-quality corn spirits. The birch sprigs in each bottle are individually hand-culled from a forest in Iceland, that add a special touch to the appearance of the product.

Honey amber in color, Foss Distillers "Birkir" Snaps Liqueur is crafted from distilled grain spirit and infused with hand-picked Icelandic birch during spring. The resulting liqueur offers a distinctive woody but fresh aromas on the nose. The palate boasts a uniquely smooth and subtle sweet taste. Enjoy Birkir chilled in a snifter glass, on the rocks, as an aperitif or as a digestif.

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