Atxa Vermouth Tinto (Spain) 


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Founded in 1831, DestilerĂ­as Acha has long been at the forefront of distillation in the Basque Country. The small distillery is located in Amurrio, 50km from the Cantabrian Sea. Today, five generations later, Gabriel Acha maintains the traditions and recipes passed down by his ancestors for the distillation of pacharĂ¡n and creation of vermouths, all of which are made with natural ingredients.

Produced in accordance with an early 19th-century family recipe, Atxa Vermouth Tinto is made from a blend of white wine and neutral alcohol macerated with a selection of traditional herbs, fruits and roots including wormwood, gentian and cherry. The result is a rich, complex beverage with intricate notes of wild red cherry, kola nut, spice and wild herb aromas framed by Chinato-like palate and a markedly long finish.

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