Angel's Envy Kentucky Rye Whiskey 


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Angel's Envy Rye is created by Master Distiller Lincoln Henderson - the man who worked to develop renowned brands such as Woodford Reserve, Jack Daniel's "Gentleman Jack" and Jack Daniel's Single Barrel. One of the world's leading spirits experts, he was an inaugural member of the Kentucky Bourbon Hall of Fame and has received Malt Advocate's Lifetime Achievement Award. Angel's Envy is Lincoln Henderson's latest release and it certainly does not disappoint.

Angel's Envy Rye Whiskey spends up to 18 months finishing in Franco Caribbean rum casks, resulting in an immensely complex whiskey. The mingling of raw, spicy and earthy rye with the mellow sweetness of rum finishing creates in an amazingly smooth and drinkable rye, even at 100 proof. This honey-hued rye has remarkable aromas of citrus, caramel candy, maple sugar, hazelnut and spice. The same luscious flavors show up on the palate, rich and sweet, leading into a long, pleasing finish accompanied by the taste of sweet rum sherry wood and soft oak.

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